An HIV/AIDS diagnosis is no longer a death sentence.

HIV/AIDS is now considered a chronic illness and is manageable with proper medication, proper treatment and a little help from your friends.

Friends are people who care about you, right? People who think about your feelings and make sure your needs are met. Friends are people who figuratively (and sometimes literally) hold your hand when things get rough and pick you back up if you fall. These are also the things that the people here at Hope and Help Center do, so I guess that makes us… friends.

As your friends - and as the largest AIDS Service Organization in Central Florida - we see you as a person, not a case. We work with you to navigate the system and ensure you’re getting what you need. We know that hearing that first diagnosis is scary, but we’re here to tell you: it doesn’t have to be. An HIV/AIDS diagnosis does not mean your life stops or you should start planning your last will and testament. It just means that you have an illness that you now need to manage. And if you manage it properly, you can lead a happy, healthy and productive life.

The programs and services at the Hope and Help Center are designed to make the process of receiving HIV/AIDS treatment easy and efficient. We will often assign you a Peer Mentor that will show you the ropes, so to speak. Your Peer Mentor will help you read and understand your lab results, help communicate your doctor’s instructions and help keep you educated about and on-track with your medications. You may also be assigned a Case Manager who will guide you on your path to a long, healthy life.

With 8 locations throughout Central Florida, we will be there when or if you need us. Because that’s what friends do. Let’s work together to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in our community.



Medical case managers provide a range of client-centered services that link clients with health care, psychosocial, and other services. Coordination and follow-up of medical treatments are components of medical case management. Services ensure timely, coordinated access to medically appropriate levels of health and support services, and continuity of care through ongoing assessment of clients´ and key family members´ needs and personal support systems. Medical case management includes treatment adherence counseling to ensure readiness for and adherence to complex HIV/AIDS regimens.


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Each client has a case manager who tracks the client throughout the system, assesses needs, develops a plan of care, acts as an advocate, and coordinates services. The case manager will find service providers and will insure that the services match the client´s needs. The client must be able to receive care at home for no more than the State would normally spend, on average, for institutional care. The case manager continually evaluates the safety of the home environment.


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Individuals living with HIV/AIDS who have had to overcome the stigma and challenges of the disease and are here to support and assist clients with navigating the care system, education about the disease, treatment adherence to HIV/AIDS regimens, advocacy in treatment, and support on the journey to living a long, healthy, and productive life.


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Our qualified and experienced staff will assist you with determining what your best options are regarding assistance with the cost of HIV/AIDS medications. Our primary office is located within Walgreens Community Pharmacy in Orlando. Please contact our office for eligibility information.


The Hope and Help food pantry is located in our Winter Park office. The food pantry is a service provided to our clients on an emergency basis through a Case Manager referral. The food pantry is here to provide emergency assistance to our clients and their families to allow them to focus on ensuring they have their medications and can pay other bills and not worry about feeding their families. The food pantry is primarily funded through community donations and food drives.


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Provide HIV rapid testing (results in 15 minutes) free, confidential HIV counseling, testing, and referrals.

ARTAS (Anti-Retroviral Treatment and Access to Services)

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ARTAS is an individual-level, multi-session, time-limited intervention with the goal of linking recently diagnosed persons with HIV to medical care soon after receiving their positive test result. The ARTAS program consists of up to five individual-level client centered sessions.

WILLOW (Women Involved in Life Learning from Other Women)

The WILLOW intervention is a social-skills building and educational intervention for adult women living with HIV. It consists of 4 four-hour sessions which are delivered by two trained adult female facilitators, one of whom is a woman living with HIV. The small group sessions consist of 8-10 women living with HIV and are conducted in a community-based setting. An adaptation of the SISTA intervention, WILLOW emphasizes gender pride, informs women how to identify and maintain supportive social networks, teaches coping strategies to reduce life stressors, enhances awareness of STD transmission and HIV reinfection risk behaviors, teaches communication skills for negotiating safe sex, reinforces proper and c onsistent condom use, distinguishes between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and defines types of abusive relationships and their effect on a woman´s ability to negotiate safer sex practices.

HIP (High Impact Prevention)

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HIP is a targeted outreach intervention into specific high risk zip codes. Businesses are approached to help educate their patrons regarding HIV using prevention messages. Using incentives to come back to the business, patrons are offered free condoms and HIV testing.