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Can You Get HIV From Kissing?

Can You Get HIV From Kissing?

Do you or your partner(s) have HIV? Or maybe you’re curious about how you get HIV. As an Orlando HIV clinic, Hope & Help has the answers and strategies you need to know no matter your HIV status.


HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that damages the body’s immune system, making it easier to get sick from an infection that you’d normally fight off. Most people get HIV through anal or vaginal sex or sharing needles/syringes for injection equipment with someone who has HIV. The other ways the virus is transmitted are quite rare and all HIV transmissions are preventable with proper medical care, treatment, and safer sexual practices.


At Hope & Help, an Orlando HIV clinic, we’re here to help end the HIV epidemic in Florida. We know the best way to do that is through comprehensive health education, prevention, testing, and treatment. Being aware of HIV basics will help you stay healthy and do your part to end new HIV infections.


Can You Get HIV From Kissing?


Kissing is fun and an important part of an intimate relationship or sexual encounter. HIV is not transmitted by closed mouth, “social kissing” between people.


So what about open-mouth kissing (or French-kissing, deep kissing, kissing with tongue)? Can you get HIV from that? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is a very low risk of someone with HIV transmitting it to their partner through open-mouth kissing.


HIV is transmitted through blood, NOT saliva, so it’s ONLY possible to transmit HIV if both partners have mouth or lip abrasions like cold sores, cuts, or gum disease, where the partner with HIV’s blood enters the bloodstream. Like we said, VERY rare (kiss away!).


So How Is HIV Transmitted?


Sex! Anal sex is the riskiest form, but you can transmit it through vaginal sex too. If you have HIV, you can still enjoy a fulfilling sex life by using tools (condoms, PrEP) to protect you and your partner(s). Contact our Orlando clinic, Hope & Help, to learn how.


Sharing Syringes! Whether you use needles or syringes for injecting drugs, hormones, or steroids, do not share them. Instead, use a clean one each time.


Hope & Help provides a free syringe exchange program called IDEA Orlando where you exchange used needles and syringes to be safely disposed of and receive new, clean syringes, on a one-for-one basis – along with Narcan and other items to ensure you use safely. No judgment here!


Other Ways HIV Is NOT Transmitted

HIV doesn’t survive for extended periods of time outside of the human body. It’s not transmitted by:
– Mosquitos or other insect bites
– Tears, sweat, or saliva
– The air
– Shaking hands, hugging, sharing food or drinks
– Sharing the same toilet
– Sexual activities that don’t involve sharing bodily fluids


Know Your Status At Our Orlando HIV Clinic: End The Epidemic

Step 1 is to get tested and know your status. Our Hope & Help medical professionals are here to provide you with the resources you need in a safe and accepting environment. Contact us today or visit our clinic to learn more about the services we offer.